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LHU: Student sexually assaulted in High Hall

High Hall

A student was sexually assaulted by a friend in High Hall on the campus of Lock Haven University.


LOCK HAVEN, Pa. — A sexual assault occurred on the campus of Lock Haven University last week. Two female students were watching movies together in High Hall when one of them forced herself upon the other student. Below you will find links to interviews conducted with Lead Investigator, Zachary Litwin and one of the sexual assault counselors that was on-hand during the investigation.

Interview with Lead Investigator, Zachary Litwin.

Interview with Sexual Assault Counselor from the CCWC.

Press Conference with Lead Investigator, Zachary Litwin.


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LHU: Woman and infant fatally shot

Photo Oct 16, 3 06 28 PM

LOCK HAVEN, PA — A shooting was reported to the Criminal Justice department of Lock Haven University on Thursday afternoon. Following an extensive on scene investigation, police were able to confirm that a mother and her infant child were the victims of a violent shooting in front of Raub Hall. Lead Investigator, Zachary Litwin, held a brief press conference following the investigation.

The identity of the killer or his/her motive is still inclear. The investigation is on-going.

DISCLAIMER: This story is based upon a MOCK CRIME SCENE project done by the Criminal Justice department at Lock Haven University. NOBODY WAS ACTUALLY MURDERED ON CAMPUS.

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Lock Haven University’s Fall Convocation kicks-off 2014 academic year

Lock Haven University’s Fall Convocation is an annual event that benchmarks the beginning of each new school year. On Wednesday faculty, staff, and students gathered at the university’s Price Auditorium for the ceremony.

Perhaps the brightest highlight of Convocation was when guest speaker and Lock Haven University alumna, Keith Betts took the stage. Betts, who graduated from the university in 1965, used a plethora of personality and wit to tell his story of being a new student in Lock Haven. Betts is originally from England, and paralleled his message to first-year students with his love of American football.

As Betts wrapped-up his address to the audience, he decided to share a bit of his English culture with those in attendance by giving “three cheers for Lock Haven University.” He led the charge by yelling “hip-hip” and the audience answered with “hooray” each time.

Awards were also given to administration, faculty, and staff for their respective achievements in the field. One of the award-winners was Dr. David Curtin, who was presented the University Award for Outstanding Scholarship award.

After the ceremony ended, students, faculty, and staff were invited to socialize and enjoy refreshments with one another in front of the auditorium.

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“Snakes on a Plane II: Snakes at the Sieg”


A great example of how easy Pennsylvania snakes are to miss, there are five copperhead snakes in this picture. Can you find them?

First it was Snakes on a Plane now the slithery reptiles are taking over the Sieg in Lamar, Pennsylvania. An e-mail sent out by Lock Haven University’s Facilities Planning and Scheduling Coordinator, Marchal Rote, stated that a faculty member of the university had observed both copperhead snakes and rattlesnakes around certain areas of the Sieg, a location used by the university for team building exercises amongst its faculty, staff, and sometimes students.

Dr. Barry Overton reported snake sightings near the Sieg’s kitchen door; the fire pit; and on the wood, leaves and other debris piles near the bridge. These locations will be frequented by those faculty and staff attending the meeting at the Sieg.

Rote deduced in her e-mail that because of the cooling temperatures in the central Pennsylvania area that the snakes may be coming out to sun themselves out in the open.

Anyone that had planned on attending the meeting this weekend at the Sieg is advised to use extreme caution when navigating throughout the area.

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That was shocking…

“That was shocking…”

Go home

When I woke up this morning, I knew that the day was going to yield at least something mildly interesting for me…

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#SuperSenior Status

I attend the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and was originally slated to graduate tomorrow. However, there will be no graduation for me as a combination of my irresponsible decisions when scheduling/adding/dropping classes as an underclassmen and being given meaningless classes as a freshman have created a credit-deficiency towards my degree. Therefore, I will be returning to school in the fall of 2014  to complete my bachelor’s in communication.

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