That was shocking…

“That was shocking…”

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When I woke up this morning, I knew that the day was going to yield at least something mildly interesting for me…

I was in the editing room of Schlesinger Communications when, all-at-once, a great white light flashed and blinded me for the smallest fraction of a second and a noise similar to that of a large rifle rang-out behind me. After the initial screams of those in proximity, everything was silent. No music playing from the radio, no chitter-chatter in the hallway, just dead quiet. I ran to my boss, Mark, to find out what happened and that’s when he told me that our building had been hit by lightning. After a thorough investigation this is what we found:


The aftermath of the lightning strike that hit the Schlesinger Communications, Inc. antenna.

Not only had the antenna on top of the building been put out of commission, but the electrical surge went through the wiring to the antenna and destroyed most all of the broadcast equipment attached to it (i.e. processors, audio boards, etc.). Not only that, but there was this God-awful smell of burnt electronics permeating throughout the building…then this happened:


Fire trucks on Main Street in downtown Lock Haven.

It wasn’t long until the police department and fire department had people in our building searching for damage and possible danger. Luckily there was no further threat to the well-being of the station, building, and people within it. Needless to say both radio stations under the Schlesinger Communications umbrella went off-the-air and will need a lot of time, energy, and money put into repairs to make them fully-operational once again.

I think the craziest thing about the whole incident was that prior to the debilitating lightning strike on the studio, there hadn’t been thunder or lightning for hours. Now, I’m no meteorologist so I don’t know how storm systems and things of that nature REALLY work, but it is strange that a bolt of lightning would strike out of nowhere like that. Then again, I suppose that the first strike in a storm has to happen sometime, so maybe that was it?

I’ve been working in radio for over three years now and throughout those years I have seen a lot of crazy stuff happen while on the job.  However, having the building that I was working in get struck by lightning that severely is probably tops thus far. I literally have never seen anything go from so good to so bad in such a short amount of time.

“Are you ready for some football?!”

Very exciting news came to me on Tuesday morning! A few weeks ago I filmed a football clinic being held by Lock Haven native Robbie Gould (kicker for the Chicago Bears) and the Lock Haven University football team. I basically went up, got a few simple action shots and some quotable information from those involved and put together a package television news story with it. Apparently the coaching staff as a whole was digging my work ethic and, as a result, offered me an interview for the position of student media coordinator with the university football team. Being a communication major, this was right up my alley so I accepted the offer and set up an interview promptly afterwards. I met with a large portion of the coaching staff and told them my ideas and even talked about some of the ideas they had as well. When it was all said-and-done I left the meeting as the newly-appointed coordinator and I am eager to get started.

If you’re in the Lock Haven area and want to see me in action, just go to any of the home football games at Hubert Jack Stadium and you will find me on the sidelines!

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