#SuperSenior Status

I attend the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and was originally slated to graduate tomorrow. However, there will be no graduation for me as a combination of my irresponsible decisions when scheduling/adding/dropping classes as an underclassmen and being given meaningless classes as a freshman have created a credit-deficiency towards my degree. Therefore, I will be returning to school in the fall of 2014  to complete my bachelor’s in communication.

So I’m going to be a “super senior” by graduating in four-and-a-half years as opposed to the traditional four, big deal? It happens a lot, college students take extra time for various reasons to complete their studies, but as the eve of graduation has arrived, so have my feelings of inadequacy and regret. I look back on all of the things I could have done to ensure that I graduated on-time and it is heart-breaking to know that a few seemingly-unimportant decisions have set me back and up for a lackluster graduation in December (because let’s be honest, nothing beats graduating in the Spring when the weather is warming-up and new-life is the theme all the way around). I’ll chalk-it-up to being an adult and getting smacked with the fact that every decision counts from here on-out; I can only be grateful that it happened with something like this and not something that could be extremely life-altering.

Capstone Class

Above is a picture taken of some of the members of my Communication Capstone class at Lock Haven University. A majority of the people pictured will be celebrating their graduation from the university on Saturday morning.

However, the thing that truly hurts the most, more than the feelings of inadequacy and failure, is know thing that I won’t be walking with the people I have grown so close to over the past four years. I study communication and the people in my major are so tight-knit and caring that you rarely miss the chance to, at the very least, become acquainted with everyone in your respective class. These men and women have studied and worked hard with me over the course of four years and will now reap the rewards of their blood, sweat, and tears. Make no mistake about it, when my classmates walk across that stage tomorrow morning and are handed their diploma, it will have been well-deserved.

And it’s not all bad. The set-back has allowed me to stay at the university I love just a little longer and become friends with people in the classes below me. I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is also in the communication major and will also be returning in the fall and he put it to me this way: don’t view this as a bad thing, it stinks we won’t get to walk with our friends, but this is an opportunity to stay back, continue to develop our plans for post-graduate life and network with more people in our field of study. There have been no truer words spoken to me over the past 24 hours.

At any rate, I felt that these feelings bottled-up inside of me had to be expelled somewhere and what better place than the first post of my new personal blog? I know that the theme of this post is my mixed-feelings on having to stay an extra semester and rock the #superseniorstatus – but I do want to make it quite clear that I wish the very best to my friends who are moving into the next phase of life. After getting to know each and every one of you, I have no doubts that you are all bound for greatness in your respective fields of interest. It has been an privilege to both work with and compete against you in the classroom setting and I believe that there has been no greater honor than being held-up against you and your work over the past four years.

Thank you for your friendship and the memories. Good luck!



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